Vibration Plate DPU6555Hech Compatec

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Reversible vibratory plate with a diesel engine, electric starter, operating hour meter and Compatec (compaction control) for heavy demands on performance and sturdiness in soil, asphalt and paving stone compaction.

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Powerful vibratory plate that also easily compacts heavy soils.

  • Compatec: Easy to understand display for compaction control with 8 LEDs
  • Intuitive control handle: Control of the direction of movement as well as the speed in the same movement sequence – without changing grip, both hands stay on the control handle
  • Low hand-arm-vibrations (well below 2.5 m/s²)
  • Height adjustable center pole
  • Electric starter with a loud signal tone generator to avoid unnecessary battery discharge
  • Safety setting: Machine moves away from the operator if the control handle is released
  • Large-sized engine with high power reserves for a long service life
  • Motor protection: Not possible to start with a low oil level
  • Operating hour meter
  • Thick, wear resistant base plate made from nodular cast iron
  • The engine and tank are protected by a sturdy frame, which is also useful for a sturdy tie-down during transport.
  • Very sturdy, free from play center pole lock, easy to actuate for a secure transport
  • Large lifting eye that can be offset to neutral height
  • All maintenance accesses are quick and easy to reach
  • Self-adjusting V-belt and maintenance-free alternator
  • Comprehensive protection of the functional parts against stone chipping and dirt accumulation
  • Due to the low frequency, also suitable for the vibration of heavy interlocking paving stones
  • Quick and easy assembly of a paving pad possible

You will also find an appropriate paving pad here in the shop for the protection of paving stone bottoms.

Additional information

Fluids | Tank capacity

6,00 l

Fluids | Hydraulic fluid type

Renolin MR 520

Fluids | Exciter oil volume

0,75 l

Fluids | Hydraulic fluid volume

0,50 l

Fluids | Exciter oil type

75W-90 API GL-4

Engine | Inclined position max.

25,0 °

Engine | Operating mode


Engine | Operating speed

3.010 1/min

Engine | Fuel consumption

1,90 L/hr

Engine | Standard (Power max.)

ISO 3046 IFN

Engine | Standard (Effective power)

ISO 3046 IFN

Engine | Nominal speed

2.800 1/min

Engine | Effective power

9,6 KW

Fluids | Oil filling max.

1,90 l

Engine | Battery capacity (nom. value)

45 Ah

Engine | Air cleaner

dry air filter

Engine | Power rating max.

10,1 KW

Engine | Cooling

air cooling

Engine | Exhaust-gas limit


Fluids | Oil specification

SAE 10W-40

Engine | Starter battery Voltage

12 V

Engine | Speed (Power max.)

3.600 1/min

Engine | Starter type


Engine | Upper idling speed ex load

3.080 1/min

Fluids | Oil filling min.

1,00 l

Engine | Operating power

6,8 KW

Engine | Type

Diesel engine

Engine | Cylinder


Engine | Manufacturer


Engine | Standard (Operating power)

ISO 3046 IFN

Engine | Cylinder capacity

667 cm3

Fluids | Fuel

Diesel EN 590

Fluids - Oil volume incl. filter change

0,00 l

Mechanical output | Vibrations

4.150 1/min

Mechanical output | Gradeability

46,6 %

Mechanical output | Transmission


Mechanical output | Centrifugal force

65,000 kN

Mechanical output | Vibrations (Hz)

69 Hz

Mechanical output | Area capacity

1.200 m2/h

Mechanical output | Backward running

20,5 m/min

Mechanical output | Forward running

28,00 m/min

Mechanical | Operating weight

490,0 kg

Mechanical | Ground clearance

861 – 1.005 mm

Mechanical | Height

1.308 mm

Mechanical | Width

710 mm

Mechanical | Length drawbar in op. pos.

1.664 mm

Environmental | Operating temperature range

-15 – 40 °C

Environmental | Sound level LpA (Standard)

DIN EN 500-4

Environmental | Sound power LWA, guaranteed

109,0 dB(A)

Environmental | Vibration total value ahv

1,3 m/s2

Environmental | Storage temperature range

-15 – 40 °C

Environmental | HAV summation (average value)

< 2,5 m/s2

Environmental | Uncertainty in measurement HAV

0,5 m/s2

Environmental | HAV summation (standard)

EN 500-4

Environmental | Sound level Lpa

97,0 dB(A)

Environmental | Vibration value ahv (Standard)

EN 500-4

Environmental | Sound power LWA (standard)

EN 500-4

Environmental | Sound power LWA, measured

108,0 dB(A)

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