Electric Drive Unit M2500/120 (will be supplied with SM3S and H35)

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Powerful electric motor for the modular internal vibrator HMS.

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  • Housing made of high-strength, break-proof synthetic material, compactly and ergonomically shaped
  • Protected against splash water from all directions (IP 24)
  • Extremely long service life of the carbon brushes (up to 500 operating hours)
  • Air cleaner replacement from the outside
  • Rapid action coupling for tool-free connection of the flexible shaft

You will find a large selection of matching flexible shafts and vibrator heads here in the shop.

Please note: the modular internal vibrator HMS consists of three components: motor, flexible shaft and vibrator head.
You will find possible combinations of motors (M), vibrator heads (H) and flexible shafts (SM) in the table above (see picture).

Additional information

Motor | Nominal speed

12.000 1/min

Motor | Type

Universal motor

Motor | Nominal power

1,800 KW

Motor | Idle speed

16.000 1/min

Electrical output | Nominal current

15,00 A

Electrical output | Phase

1 ~

Electrical output | Nominal voltage

120 V

Electrical output | Nominal frequency

50 – 60 Hz

Electrical | Cable definition

CEE-Plug 2P+E 16A 110V 4H

Electrical | RESERVE

0,5 m, CEE-Plug 2P+E 16A 110V 4H

Electrical | Remote Control Bat. Capacity

CEE-Plug 2P+E 16A 110V 4H

Electrical | Light cone

0,5 m

Electrical | Kind of plug

CEE-Plug 2P+E 16A 110V 4H

Electrical | Operating elements

0,50 m

Electrical | Length Cable

0,50 m

Environmental | Sound level LpA (Standard)

DIN EN ISO 11201

Environmental | Protection class

II / Protective insulation

Environmental | Vibration total value ahv

5,0 m/s2

Environmental | Uncertainty in measurement HAV

1,0 m/s2

Environmental | Sound level LpA

85,0 dB(A)

Environmental | Vibration value ahv (Standard)

DIN EN ISO 20643

Environmental | Degree of protection


Mechanical | Length

312 mm

Mechanical | Height

230 mm

Mechanical | Width

154 mm

Mechanical | Weight

5,40 kg