Diaphragm Pump PDI 3A

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Gasoline powered Diaphragm Pump for pumping water with some debris, including mud slurries and seepage areas, Honda engine

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Wacker Neuson’s diaphragm pump PDI 3A can move almost anything that flows. The direct water flow design minimises down times caused by blockages and permits unsupervised operation. The high-quality components of these machines guarantee optimal performance and a long service life. PDI pumps can handle the removal of liquids containing solids up to 41 mm, ideal for dewatering mud slurries and sumps.

  • Safe to run dry: No damage is caused in ‘snore mode’, i.e. running intermittently due to lack of water
  • The surge chamber at the inlet absorbs pressure surges. That ensures a smooth pumping action and minimises wear and tear
  • Oil-bath lubrication constantly greases all parts of the transmission system, thus reducing both maintenance costs and down time

Additional information

Mechanical output | Flow rate max.

333 l/min

Mechanical output | Suction head max.

7,5 m

Mechanical output | Solid diameter max.

41,0 mm

Mechanical output | Delivery height max.

15,0 m

Mechanical | Operating weight

63,0 kg

Mechanical | Length

1.075 mm

Mechanical | Intake-/pressure socket-dia.

75 mm

Mechanical | Height

589 mm

Mechanical | Width

455 mm