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What are concrete vibrating machines and when are they used?

Vibrators are used to settle newly-poured concrete in a process known as “compacting”. When concrete is poured, inevitably a large number of air bubbles are captured which can make up as much as 20% of the total volume. This becomes problematic, as the air bubbles would degrade the strength and integrity of the concrete if they were not removed before it sets.

If concrete sets with air bubbles in, this can:

  • Impede the correct adherence of the concrete to reinforcing structures.
  • Allow water to penetrate and weaken the reinforcing structure.

This is where Wacker concrete vibrating equipment comes into its own. The equipment is immersed into the newly poured concrete, where their vibrations disturb the air bubbles and water, forcing them to the surface.

How do vibrators work?

The component of the vibrator that is inserted into the concrete is called a “poker”. These high-frequency pokers contain a rotating shaft inside which is a weight, and the uneven weight distribution means that when the shaft rotates the poker will vibrate. In addition to forcing the air bubbles and excess water to the surface, this process helps the concrete to set evenly, with increased density and compressive strength.

The poker is repeatedly extracted and re-inserted into the setting concrete until the entire volume has been properly compacted.

The difference between internal and external vibrators

We have been describing internal vibrators, so called because they are immersed into the concrete as described above; these are hand-held. External vibrators, as the name implies, are attached directly to the formwork at specific points.

Operating concrete vibrating equipment

As always, safety is of paramount importance:

  1. Always wear your protective equipment (ear defenders, goggles, dust mask and safety boots).
  2. Never use a machine if any guard or safety device has been disconnected.
  3. Before you make any adjustments, always stop the machine.
  4. Be alert for signs that the vibrations may be affecting your hands. If your fingers start to tingle or feel numb, take a break and exercise your fingers to encourage blood circulation.
  5. Operate the machine in short bursts rather than for a prolonged uninterrupted period.
  6. Wear gloves.
  7. Stop the machine if you will be leaving it unattended for any length of time, however short.

Which type of vibrator should you use?

This depends on several factors, not just the job specification:

  • The height and width of the structure.
  • Electrical availability.
  • The type of pour (wall, floor, column etc).
  • The amount of reinforcing steel.
  • The concrete slump.
  • The concrete mix usage.

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