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We are the home of high-quality reversible plate compactors, stocking a wide range of compacting models in our portfolio to cater for all types and sizes of job. Our customers benefit from unbeatable prices, super-fast delivery and customer service that is second to none!

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Our team are experts in supplying to the construction industry and are always happy to pass on our expertise to help clients make the right purchase. We know which products (or combination of products) are best suited to which job, and we’ll give you expert advice, based on many years of experience, that you can depend upon.

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What is a plate compactor?

Essentially, as the name implies, plate compactors are used to compact soil, gravel, loose stone, sand etc., pushing out air and eliminating the risk of future settling. In this way, rough and uneven surfaces can be readied for future work such as paving a driveway or laying the foundation for a building.

Why is compacting important?

The compaction process will eliminate unwanted air but will also stabilise and compress the materials in the ground. This helps to create a smooth and stable surface upon which other activities can then be carried out with confidence, while also minimising the risk of future problems caused by freeze/thaw cycles and other disturbances.

Operating a reversible plate compactor

As the name implies, compacting equipment exerts downwards pressure on the surface in question, either by the repeated vibration or downwards driving of a flat metal plate.

Reversible compactors, unlike forward/single compactors, operate in both forward and reverse directions, and their manoeuvrability and size make them ideal for the compaction of sub-bases as well as soils.

Selecting the right reversible plate compactor

The type of compactor you would use depends upon the job in hand: from hand-pushed models for smaller domestic jobs, right through to large industrial models that are driven or sometimes automated. Luckily, we stock Wacker compactors for all types of work.

Reversible compactors are able to penetrate much deeper into the soil, and as we’ve seen, are perfect for sub-bases as well as soils (particularly for granular and for mixed soils).

Our team of experts can advise you, not only on the most suitable model to use, but also on operating techniques – being mindful of important health and safety considerations.

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We’re here to give you pragmatic advice and any assistance you might need.  Contact us for expert advice on choosing the right reversible plate compactor for your DIY or construction needs, and you’ll soon learn why we have so many satisfied customers.

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