Wacker Neuson Petrol Breakers

Genuine Wacker Neuson petrol breakers with special low-emission engines, plus the right chisel for excellent demolition performance, all at unbeatable prices. Perfect for DIY or professional use!

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What is a breaker and what can it be used for?

Sometimes known as “jackhammers” or “kangos” – as the name implies – are an essential tool in the breaking up of concrete, rocks, and similar materials.

Ideal for:

  • Creating chases for cables.
  • Driving through sleeper screws.
  • Similar work where hard materials need to be broken up and/or compacted.

How do breakers work?

They operate by repeatedly and rapidly driving a chisel (or a similar accessory such as a tarmac cutter or a ram rod) into the material or object to be broken up or compacted. The force with which the breaker is operated determines how quickly and effectively the work on the material is completed.

Operating a Wacker Neuson petrol breaker

Health and Safety is of paramount importance, as with all power tools. There are a number of factors to consider including noise, fragments and dust, the combustible nature of petrol, the possibility of personal injury, and the potential for HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome).

  1. When being used to break up or compact hard material such as concrete, breakers will be very loud and this can permanently damage hearing. Ear defenders must always be worn.
  2. Fragments and dust. The breaking up of hard materials may cause small fragments to fly into the air, and large quantities of dust may also be generated. Impact-resistant safety goggles should therefore be worn as a minimum, but ideally full-face impact-resistant safety masks.
  3. Due to its highly combustible nature, take sensible precautions not to bring anything into the proximity of the breaker that could cause the petrol to ignite.
  4. Personal injury. Given that a breaker can smash its way through concrete, imagine what it can do to the human body. Wear safety boots with steel toe caps and reinforced soles, and hardwearing gloves with excellent grip.
  5. HAVS. Regular use of heavily vibrating equipment as such can cause damage to nerve tissues, muscles, and even blood vessels. When using the equipment, make sure that you take regular breaks and stop immediately if you feel ill or fatigued – apart from preventing an accident this can also lessen the chance of damage, which could be permanent.

Selecting the right breaker

This depends entirely on the job at hand. Generally, the heavier the breaker the more power it will generate, but this needs to be balanced against its usability, as clearly heavier breakers will be more difficult (and therefore more dangerous) to operate.

Here at Wacker, we have breakers for all types of work, and our experts can advise you on which type to use.

What accessories should I be using with my breaker?

Once again this depends on the job at hand. We have a very wide of breaker accessories including moilpoints, tarmac cutters, chisels, ram rods, and tent peg tools. Our experts can advise you on which accessory to use.

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